Digitising business workflow
to create business efficiencies

What we do

We take offline, paper-based processes and migrate them into efficient, user-friendly digital systems.

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Our services

prime is our out-of-the-box digital solution. This OOTB solution can be configured and tailored to your specific requirements. System modules can be customised and integrated as required (in line with your business requirements).

Our core team

Terry Down
Tom Worrall
Development Manager
Florencia Caballero
Account Manager
Jordan Hinck
Project Manager
Tanmay Chowdhury
Product Manager
Anna Cottrell


‘When we were looking for a system that would manage our key business systems we tried and implemented many off the shelf products with varying degrees of success. We found that we could not get the level of functionality and efficiencies we desired and realised we needed a custom-able system. After some extensive trials and research we came across finao and immediately we liked the functionality available from the base modules, but mostly we were interested in how the system could be tailored to suit our business and key projects.’
Joseph Lynch | Linbeck

‘finao has been utilised by Delivery Management for several years now, practically since the commencement of DM. They have an excellent understanding of how our business operates, and their strength lies in their effectiveness to take DMs complicated requirements and convert them into a IT application that meets ours needs. Although a relatively small IT vendor, this provides them with an agility and flexibility, which coupled with a solid base product and proven past results, leads me to have no hesitation in recommending them.’
Alexander Micallef | Business Systems Improvement Manager – Delivery Management | Sydney Water.