Developer and defects

Enhancing the Homeownership Experience

Embarking on homeownership brings together a symphony of contributors – contractors, tradespeople, builders, and suppliers. 

But what if something malfunctions? Your SMEG cooktop acts up or a circuit breaker repeatedly trips. Thankfully, finao steps in. 

Working closely with a property developer client, finao was able to tailor their existing system to track every facet of a dwelling's construction journey – from floors to furnishings, wiring to kitchen installation.

But the system does more than just track defects – it's a comprehensive solution. Defects reported to the developer are seamlessly managed, with accountability established, inspections scheduled, repairs prioritized, and costs allocated.

The finao system also yields important insights, providing the developer with a roadmap for product enhancement and continuous improvement.

Through customisation, finao is redefining the future of defect resolution and enhancing the homeowner experience.