Heavy Vehicle fatigue

Advancing Road Safety

Driver fatigue stands as the primary cause of heavy vehicle driver fatalities in Australia, accounting for a substantial 60% of all 2020 fatalities.* 

To address this pressing issue, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) enforces shift lengths and rest mandates. For a significant Australian utility with an extensive fleet of heavy vehicles, finao devised a pragmatic solution.

finao's mobile app empowers drivers to record start and end times, breaks, and rest intervals. Shift summaries coalesce into comprehensive reports, tracking employees' work and rest cycles over a seven-day span. This meticulous approach ensures the utility's unwavering compliance with employee well-being and public safety.

Furthermore, specific licensing is often requisite for the utility's diverse heavy vehicle fleet. When specialised vehicles are required, finao's application curates driver requests exclusively for those who have adhered to HVNL rest criteria and possess the necessary licensing.

finao takes pride in its contribution to enhancing road safety, embracing a vital role in fostering safer journeys for all.

*National Transport Insurance and National Truck Accident Research Centre.