Excess building materials

Sustainable Resource Management

Unused building materials have a hidden cost – resources expended, carbon emissions produced, and landfills burdened. 

For a large government-owned utility, overseeing a multitude of construction and infrastructure projects, each potentially generating surplus materials - this was a problem begging to be solved. 

The finao solution was to develop the 'Material Sharing Register' - A cloud-based application that fosters resource optimisation and waste reduction.

Contractors engaged in on-site projects can showcase excess materials through images, videos, location data, and descriptions, enabling fellow contractors to purchase, bid, or receive materials. Conversely, the app accommodates requests, fostering a reciprocal exchange.

The new Materials Sharing Register is already yielding cost and environmental efficiencies.

Importantly it reflects the corporation’s deep commitment to environmental sustainability and is emerging as the new standard for sustainable resource utilisation in the construction industry.